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The Naked Parent podcast

May 13, 2022

In today's show, you will meet Suzann, a retired teacher who recently wrote a book online at Barnes n Noble to encourage parents of young children to push forward and set goals for their special needs children. She taught in Public, Private, and Charter Schools throughout her teaching career. Her book “Silent Voices” by Suzy Dell describes her experiences as a mother and teacher of a gifted and talented daughter and a son who is diagnosed with PDP or Autism at the age of 3. Her daughter is now a Cardiologist NP and her son has a job in a local restaurant and attends a local vocational day program and is moving into an independent living home with roommates and minimal staff support. She have been married to my husband 32 years


"It is not what happens to you in life, it is what you do with what happens to you in life."

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