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The Naked Parent podcast

May 19, 2023

In today's episode, you will meet Colette. Her journey with her son on autism spectrum, make her began the podcast called “Compassion Confetti”. By relating with the audience, she provides self-compassion methods for other moms of kids with autism to add more kindness, tenderness, warmth, love, support, and a lot of humor. She is also a teacher in the training center of mindful self-compassion, a certified life coach, and an elementary education teacher.  


"Done is better than perfect."




Do you still feel surreal as parents of kids with special needs?

This show is for parents who are mourning the loss of the life and the child they thought they would have. This show is for parents who are tired, lonely, and see no hope in sight.


You will learn how to deal with your non-verbal child with a sensory processing disorder, seizures, meltdowns, haircuts, and family trips. Embark on a journey of consciousness, self-care & meditation.


My name is Chad Ratliffe. I am a single father of five kids within 6 years of age and two of them are with  special needs. 5 years ago, in a nasty divorce, my depression led me to addiction and hopelessness. Today, I share with others a life I never imagined possible.


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