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The Naked Parent podcast

Mar 24, 2023

In today's show, you will meet Danyell. She started working with families of children with autism in 2015. She has spent the majority of her time working in the field of applied behavior analysis and in schools within special education. She recently launched her patient advocacy business, ABA Patient Advocacy, and she aims to empower special needs families to become informed consumers of medical and behavioral healthcare.


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Are you still in shock that you are a parent of a special needs child?

This show is for parents who are morning the loss of the life and child they thought they would have. For parents who are tired, lonely, and see no hope in sight?

You will learn how to deal with your non-verbal child with a sensory processing disorder, seizures, meltdowns, haircuts, and family trips. Embark on a journey of consciousness, self-care & meditation.

My name is Chad Ratliffe. I am a single father of 5 kids 6 years of age (8-14) and 2 with special needs. 5 years ago, in a nasty divorce, my depression led me to drug addiction and hopelessness. Today, I share with others a life I never imagined possible.

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